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Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

District of Columbia Financial Literacy Council

The Financial Literacy Council of the District of ColumbiaThe District of Columbia Financial Literacy Council was established by the DC Council through enactment of the Financial Literacy Council Establishment Act of 2008 [PDF]. The purpose of the council is to assist and advise the Mayor and the DC Council in promoting the financial literacy of the city’s residents.

The nine-member council [PDF] is responsible for coordinating and promoting the District’s various financial literacy efforts and reporting to the public on the status of financial literacy in the city. For a list of upcoming events, please follow this link.


To be a unifying strategic advisor that promotes financial literacy and education in the District of Columbia through organizational collaboration, communication and dissemination of information to residents, policy makers, education and financial services providers and other stakeholders.


  1. Empower residents to achieve short and long term financial goals;
  2. Assist and advise the Mayor and the DC Council in promoting financial literacy in the District of Columbia; and
  3. Facilitate the coordination of public and private financial literacy and education services.


  • Devotion -To improve the quality of life for residents
  • Community - Partner with communities to facilitate financial literacy capabilities
  • Fairness - Provide solid equality for all individuals
  • Leadership - Establish a cohesive structure geared towards increasing financial literacy
  • Commitment - Consistent reliability of financial awareness

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Contact Information: (202) 629-3903 or [email protected]