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Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

Frequently Asked Questions: Residents

What is DISB?

DISB is the District of Columbia’s Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking. The Department regulates financial service businesses in the District by administering DC’s insurance, securities and banking laws, rules and regulations DISB’s primary goal is to ensure residents of the District of Columbia have access to a wide choice of insurance, securities ad banking products and services, and that they are treated fairly by the companies and individuals that provide these services.

How do I change my name?

If you are a producer, you must submit a written request that includes the DC license number, your old and new name, your signature and the information must be accompanied with the supporting document(s) that show the reason for the change. If you are a business entity, you must submit a written request that includes the DC license number, the old and new business name, a signature from an officer, director or licensing coordinator and must be accompanied with the amended article from the resident state.

Are there specific requirements that are needed to attain a license?

Yes, there are specific requirements for the Insurance and the Securities license – for insurance, if you are obtaining your initial license in the District of Columbia, an examination and fingerprints are required to become a producer in the District. If you already hold a license from a state, you must hold the lines of authority being requested in your resident state to receive reciprocity in the District. An application can be submitted online at, you should also visit the Laws and Regulations section under Insurance on our website.

For securities, Investment Adviser, Investment Adviser representative, Broker-dealer, Broker-dealer Agents, and Canadian Broker-Dealers have different requirements to get a license or register. For detailed registration information, visit the Licensing and Registration Requirements in the Compliance Requirements section of Securities on our website.

How can I print my license?

For insurance, a license can be printed online at There is not a fee to print the license.

For securities, once you file electronically through the CRD/IARD system, FINRA will generate an ID as your CRD/IARD #. Use the CRD number to see the status of your license /registration under “Registration Summary”, print from there.

Is there a way I can find small business info?

Yes, visit DISB’s “Small Business Resources” page of our website. There we provide links to our DC BizCAP access to capital program and insurance resources and information for small businesses.

How do I sign up to receive a list of monthly events?

A list of our upcoming events is available at While DISB does not send a list of monthly events, you can sign up for updates from the Department at There are multiple topics to choose from.