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Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

Student Loan Complaints

The Ombudsman investigates complaints submitted against student loan servicers by District borrowers. Complaints can be filed using an online form or a mailed in form.

The Student Loan Ombudsman helps District residents:

  • Understand available resources
    • Sources of college funding
    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
    • Student loan consolidation opportunities
    • Student loan repayment options
  • Prevent student loan default
  • Identify and report scams
  • Resolve complaints with student loan servicers

Do you know your total student loan debt?

Federal Student Loans
Student loan debt information can be found at can also call the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC) at (800) 433-3243 for information on your federal student loans.

Private Student Loans
There is no single website that will provide information about your private student loan debt. only shows federal student loans. If you wish to look up your private education loans, you can request a free credit report at Private student lenders may report your loans while you are still in school and/or in deferment.

If you have a complaint with your lender or servicer that you are not able to resolve, contact the Student Loan Ombudsman at [email protected].You may also contact the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman at 1 (877) 557-2575 or