Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

Office of Policy, Planning, and Administration

Katrice Purdie, Chief of Policy and Administration

The Office of Policy, Planning and Administration (OPPA):

  • provides the technical and administrative authority over the Department's management, which includes agency performance, organizational and financial planning, policy analysis, risk management, and fiscal administration;
  • develops and maintains relevant databases; 
  • assists management in the development of strategies to support the Department’s priorities, plans and assessments;
  • develops quantitative and qualitative measures for evaluating the performance standards of all employees;
  • plans work to be performed by OPPA Staff — sets priorities and prepares schedules for completion of work; and
  • coordinates the Department’s Summer Youth Employee Program and other special District projects assigned.

The Office of Policy, Planning and Administration consists of three offices: 

The Office of Administrative Services:

  • provides management, administrative and program planning services to the Department;
  • provides procurement coordination, supply management, inventory control, space utilization, telephone and other equipment installation and limited transportation services;
  • serves as the Department's liaison with the DC Procurement Office to coordinate, order, receive and inventory supplies, equipment and services;
  • acts as the Department's Fleet Service Coordinator;
  • undertakes special studies dealing with administrative problems;
  • coordinates matters related to building maintenance; and
  • provides clerical and administrative services to the Department. 

The Human Resources Division:

  • provides management, administrative and employment planning services to the Department;
  • serves as the Department's liaison with the District’s Human Resources Department to coordinate the agency’s employment processes;
  • serves as the coordinator of the Department’s employee wellness initiatives; 
  • coordinates the Department’s employee compensation and benefits systems; and
  • troubleshoots employment and compensation matters including credentialing services for the Department’s offices, bureaus, and divisions.

The Office of Technology and Systems:

  • provides network administration and support of the Department's computer system and develops workflow management and analysis for the Department;
  • operates and maintains the Department's computer and computer related equipment;
  • ensures systems compatibility between the Local Area Network (LAN) and various equipment and software configurations being utilized by the Department's user community and the District's Wide Area Network through The Supervisory Computer Specialist;
  • reviews and assigns numeric classifications to incoming materials including mail, publication directives, facsimiles, and other electronic communications;
  • develops and maintains a process for electronically providing documents to the appropriate Office/Division within the Department; and
  • performs searches for records and serves as the Department's Record Retention Coordinator, which identifies and categorizes all documents retained by the Department.