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Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

Insurance Bureau DEI

DISB Insurance Bureau: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources
Through its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, the DISB Insurance Bureau seeks to provide traditionally marginalized groups with access to leadership, entrepreneurial and career opportunities; opportunities to develop skills and connections to start or further their careers; and the ability to build networks that will drive engagement, education and a sense of belonging.

The Insurance Bureau also seeks to provide a platform where DC residents, business owners, industry leaders and other stakeholders who have unique challenges and needs, and different perspectives and experiences, can share information that will make our DEI initiatives impactful. Our goal is to continuously improve this platform so that it is a useful community resource.

What is DEI?
DEI describes policies and programs that promote the representation and participation of different groups of individuals. DEI encompasses people of different ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, disabilities, genders, religions, cultures, and sexual orientations. It also includes people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and areas of expertise.

Learn more about DISB DEI initiatives.

What are Marginalized Groups?
At DISB, our working definition of “marginalized groups” refers to groups of people who have historically faced institutional discrimination in the United States, which has resulted in a lack of proportional representation in the insurance industry; poor financial strength; lack of insurance educational; and lack of career opportunities. These groups may include, but are not limited to, historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, including individuals who identify as Black, Afro-Caribbean, African, East Asian, Latinx, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Arab, Native American, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and/or South Asian; gender non-binary or gender non-conforming people; LGBTQIA+ people; veterans; and people with disabilities.

Our DEI initiatives are more than policies; they are practices, passions and philosophies.

DEI Resources
Insurance Education, Careers and Professional Development
Learn about information related to insurance career outlooks, internships, scholarships and research grants and careers.

Below are links that provide information on insurance internships, undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs and scholarships opportunities.

  1. Gallaudet University (internship and degree learning opportunities for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired).
  2. Gallaudet University (offers higher education institution serving deaf and hard of hearing people).
  3. Howard University (internships, degrees, and learning opportunities for diverse, talented, and ambitious students to learn, lead and embody excellence in truth and service).
  4. Howard University Center for Insurance Education (School of Business provides dedicated study in the insurance industry).
  5. Spencer Educational Foundation (provides scholarships and grants to promote diversity and talent in higher education related to insurance).
  6. Spencer Foundation (provides racial equity research grants).
  7. University of the District of Columbia (committed to fostering an equitable campus culture for students of diverse backgrounds).
  8. Insurance Information Institute (provides information on insurance carriers’ diversity programs).

Below are links that provide information on insurance career opportunities.

  1. 13 Careers in Insurance and Salary ranges
  3. The insurance Information Institute
  4. The Glass Door
  5. Insureon
  6. DC Government Career Opportunities

Professional & Educational Development
Below are links that provide information on obtaining insurance continuing education credit, webinars, seminars, self-study, or ways to attain designations and certificates.

  1. Be An Actuary
  2. The Cape School
  3. SITE
  4. The American Agents Alliance
  5. The Institutes
  6. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  7. National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals
  8. Indeed – Personal Development
  9. Pearson Vue

Societies, Associations and Organizations
Learn about insurance networking, membership opportunities, industry facts and figures, financial planning, healthcare, retirement, and upcoming events.

Below are links that provide information on professional and actuarial societies.

  1. International Association of Black Actuaries
  2. Sexuality and Gender Alliance of Actuaries
  3. The Organization of Latino Actuaries
  4. The Casualty Actuarial Society
  5. The American Academy of Actuaries
  6. The Chartered Property and Casualty Society
  7. The Society of Financial Service Professionals

Associations and Organizations
Below are links that provide information on insurance associations and organizations.

  1. The American Association of Insurance Services
  2. The National African- American Insurance Association
  3. Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development
  4. American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
  5. American Council of Life Insurers
  6. American Land Title Association
  7. America’s Health Insurance Plans
  8. Association of Professional Insurance Women
  9. Automobile insurance Plan Service Office
  10. Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society
  11. Insurance Services Office (ISO)
  12. Life Office Management Association
  13. National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  14. The National Council of Insurance Legislators
  15. The Risk Management Society
  16. The Surety Fidelity Association of America
  17. Wholesale and Specialty Insurance Association
  18. The National Home Service Contract Association
  19. The District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility (DCPIF)

Programs, Laws, Initiatives and Connections
Learn about District of Columbia DEI information, DEI Partners, and the DC City Council and their laws, priorities and initiatives.

  1. Mayor’s Office of Racial Equity (focuses on developing an infrastructure to ensure policy decisions and District programs are evaluated through a racial equity lens).
  2. DC Council Office of Racial Equity
  3. Washington DC DEI (connect individuals from a variety of cultures, races and backgrounds to DC culture).
  4. National Association of Insurance Commissioners (works with the insurance community and partners to create, influence, engage and drive meaningful change towards shared values of diversity, equity and inclusion).
  5. The DC Council (provides information on legislation, laws, budget information and hearings.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities: Own or Operate an Insurance Agency or become an Insurance Agent
Learn about insurance agency ownership, business opportunities and agent training.

  1. Farmers Insurance Company
  2. Freeway Insurance Franchise Ownership
  3. Allstate Insurance Company
  4. The State Farm Insurance Company
  5. American Family Insurance Company
  6. We Insurance Group

DEI Support and General Information
Learn about or share information related to additional DEI resources.

  1. DC Council of the Blind (advocates for full independence and equality of opportunity for all blind and visually impaired DC residents).
  2. DC Department of Employment Services Resume Writing Resources (workshops offer best practices and valuable tips for creating resumes and cover letters to achieve success when applying for jobs).
  3. US Chamber of Commerce (focuses on empowering and connecting small business owners to events and opportunities for learning and prospering in a multi-cultural environment).
  4. The Asperger Autism Network
    The Asperger Autism network believes that people with Asperger profiles when placed in the right environment, with the proper accommodations, and understanding supervisors, can become dependable, loyal, trustworthy, capable, and valuable employees.
  5. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
    The Soar project seeks to end homelessness through increased access to SSI/SSDI income support.
  6. A.D. Banker & Company
    Provides DEI information for insurance agents.

Job Listings: Portals
Learn about job opportunities.

  1. USA JOBs
  2. I Hire Insurance
  3. DC Government Career Opportunities

Videos and Recordings
Insurance Intelligence Podcasts

Topics: Auto Policies, Homeowner’s Policies, Business Owner’s Policies, Title Insurance, NFIP Flood Insurance.

If you are interested in learning more about our DEI initiatives or would like to share additional resources, please email us at [email protected] and reference DEI.

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