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Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

Beware of Medicaid Renewal Scams

Beware of Fake Medicaid Renewal Scams

The DC Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB) is warning District consumers to be on guard against fake Medicaid renewal scams. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the review of Medicaid eligibility for enrolled clients was paused. Jurisdictions, including the District of Columbia, are now returning to pre-pandemic renewal plans. As a result, scam artists may increase efforts to defraud unsuspecting consumers!

How is the Scam Perpetrated?

Scammers impersonate Medicaid representatives, and claim coverage is being canceled or benefits have been lost. Personal information such as social security number, Medicaid ID, and bank account information is requested immediately to renew enrollment, resulting in identity theft. Scammers may also threaten you with civil or criminal penalties and demand that you pay a fee to continue receiving benefits.

Know the Facts

Medicaid will not call or email individuals to ask for personal information. Renewal information is typically mailed to you. Clients can renew coverage online, by mail or in person. Importantly, there is no fee to renew Medicaid coverage. If anyone requests payment, it’s a scam!

Protect Yourself

Be cautious about providing personal information over the phone or online. Never share your social security number, Medicaid ID, or bank information, or any other personally identifiable information (PII) without verifying that the request is legitimate.

If you are contacted about renewing Medicaid coverage, do not provide PII. Hang up or delete the email and contact your local Medicaid office to confirm whether there are issues.

Report Fraud

If you are the victim of a fake Medicaid renewal scam, report it to one of the following government agencies:

  1. DISB Enforcement and Consumer Protection Division, (202) 727-8000.
  2. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center ( or call the FBI Washington Field Office at (202) 278-2000.
  3. Federal Trade Commission,

DISB Mission
Our mission is three-fold: (1) cultivate a regulatory environment that protects consumers and attracts and retains financial services firms to the District; (2) empower and educate residents and (3) support small businesses in the District.

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