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Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

Banking Bureau

Brian Williams, Associate Commissioner for Banking.

The Banking Bureau regulates District of Columbia Chartered Banks and Trust Companies, as well as District Mortgage and Consumer Finance Companies.  The Bureau also regulates non-depository financial institutions such as check cashers, money lenders, and money transmitters that operate in the District of Columbia.  The Bureau’s regulatory activities include, but are not limited to the following: 

The Banking Bureau has three Divisions:

  • The Market Services Division
  • Examinations Division
  • Licensing Division

The Market Services Division:

  • Oversees the daily operations of the Banking Bureau
  • Reviews and responds to consumer complaints regarding banks and non-depository financial institutions to determine compliance with District of Columbia laws and regulations
  • Plans and directs Bank and Non-depository Regulatory Programs
  • Issues final approval to grant licenses to regulated entities 
  • Selects programs and training courses for staff development
  • Oversees Market Services Programs (such as Foreclosure Mediation and Small Business Lending)

The Examination Division:

  • Reviews applications for DC banking charters, branches, mergers, and other activities of DC depository financial institutions
  • Examines DC chartered banks for safety and soundness as well as compliance with established laws and regulations
  • Examines DC licensed non-depository financial institutions for safety and soundness and compliance with established laws and regulations
  • Works with federal and state bank supervisory agencies on matters of mutual interest; and
  • Reviews banking law and regulation to determine applicability to DC chartered and licensed institutions.

The Licensing Division:

  • Reviews license applications for non-depository financial institutions including check cashers, consumer credit service organizations, money lenders, money transmitters, mortgage brokers and lenders, and consumer sales finance companies;
  • Maintains and updates the non-depository licensing database;
  • Reviews annual reports received from mortgage brokers and lenders and issues annual assessments
  • Collects and processes ATM registrations and fees paid by registered entities;
  • Responds to consumer and professional licensing inquiries, and assists licensees as needed.