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File a Complaint or Report Fraud

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If a consumer has a complaint against a financial entity, DISB will contact the financial entity on behalf of the consumer. 

In assisting consumers with resolving complaints, DISB ensures that the financial entity fulfills the obligations that the entity has with the consumer and complies with requirements as established by the District of Columbia Official Code.  As an administrative agency, DISB's authority is limited. DISB cannot litigate on a consumer's behalf, act as a consumer's attorney, or award damages. However, DISB will review a consumer's complaint and make every effort to bring about a satisfactory resolution. If the circumstances require legal action, then we will suggest that consumers consult with an attorney.

Things to Consider:

To help with the ease of filing a complaint with DISB, we recommend that you consider the following factors:

Complaint Forms

You can fill out the complaint form online or complete the PDF version and mail, fax or hand deliver it to the agency. (Please Note: Online forms work best with Internet Explorer 6 or earlier. Some page functions may not work properly with IE 7.)

Contact TTY: