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LifeSecure Insurance Company

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
We at Univita Health Inc. are submitting, on behalf of LifeSecure Insurance Company (LifeSecure) and for your review and approval, the enclosed individual long term care insurance rates. These rates are for use with policy forms LS-LTC-0004 ST 01/13 and LS-LTC-0005 ST 01/13, which are being submitted concurrently in a separate filing, SERFF File Number LFSC-129151860. A Third Party Filer Authorization from LifeSecure is included under the Supporting Documentation tab of this filing.  
The forms with which these rates are to be used are new to LifeSecure’s portfolio and will not replace any forms previously filed or approved by your Department. However, these forms are intended, upon approval, to replace policy form series LS-0002 ST 07/07, which was previously approved by your department. 

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