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Genworth Life Insurance Company

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The company is requesting the approval of a premium rate increase on the above listed forms and all associated riders. A rate increase is being requested on the above-listed forms due to adverse experience. Different increases are being requested for policies with different benefit periods. In general, we are requesting a nationwide premium rate increase of 95% for all lifetime benefit period policies and 60% for all non-lifetime benefit period policies. In DC, a premium rate increase of 103% is being requested for all lifetime benefit period policies and 67% for all non-lifetime benefit period policies. The higher requested amount in DC (calculated as ( 1.12 * 1.18 * 1.95 ) / ( 1.10 * 1.15 ) and ( 1.12 * 1.18 * 1.60 ) / ( 1.10 * 1.15 ), rounded down) represents the rate increase needed in DC to get the total rate increase since issue equal to all other states. In 2007, Genworth requested 12% from all states and DC approved 10% and in 2011, Genworth requested 18% from all states and DC approved 15%. Where it is actuarially justified, we have adjusted our request, as described above, in those states that have previously approved a rate increase amount less than the rate increase requested. We are implementing this approach in effort to ensure parity nationwide on LTC rate increases. This reflects a weighted average rate increase of 80.8% which is shown as the overall percent indicated change in SERFF. If the requested rate increases are approved, the company will not seek any additional rate increases on the PCS Series in your jurisdiction for at least 5 years from the approval date. The same increases are also being requested on comparable forms to those listed above in each state in which business remains in force.

Effective on Approval
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