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Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company - Medical Malpractice Rate Filing

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Earlier this year, we submitted a new Professional Liability program for your approval, which was approved effective 5/1/08. Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company is now filing revisions to our rules to correspond with the changes ISO is making to the Medical Professional rules and rates per ISO 2008 Multi State Revision to Division Seven – Medical Professional Liability Rules (PR-2007-ORU07, Edition 9/01/2008), as well as the corresponding ISO state-specific Rules circulars. We are updating our Base Rate Page to reflect ISO’s new 500/1500 limits. We are also submitting a revised Increased Limits Table (Rule 17) that is still based on ISO, but updated to reflect the new ISO Increased Limits. The other pages listed below simply reflect the name change from Professional Liability to Medical Professional Liability. There are no other changes included with this filing. These changes will not affect any insureds. This filing includes the following supporting documents: We are filing: • Base Rates at 500/1500 • Rule 17 - Increased Limits Factor Table • Rule 9 – Additional Premium • Rule 10 – Return of Premium • Rule 16 – Basic Limits • Rule 20 – Volunteer Endorsement • Rule 28 – No Reinstatement • Schedule Rating • Additional Rule - Surcharge The prior SERFF filing# is: ZURC-125380093 approved 1/9/08, effective 5/1/08.


Status: Closed-APPROVED
Effective Date: 9/1/2008