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Dominion Dental Services, Inc.

Monday, May 13, 2013

As you may be aware, under section 9010 of PPACA and Section 1406 of the Reconciliation Act there is a health insurer fee (“HIF”) that will be distributed to all entities providing health insurance for any US health risk starting in 2014. Stand-alone dental and vision policies are not excluded from the definition of health insurance, and therefore, Dominion Dental Services, Inc. ("Dominion") and Avalon Insurance Company (“Avalon”) will be among the entities that will pay the HIF. The distribution of the HIF to each entity is based on market share. Our market share analysis supports that Dominon and Avalon will pay a HIF of approximately 2% of total premiums in 2014.In an effort to prepare for this fee, we are phasing it into our 2013 rates based on the percentage of premium that will be paid in 2014. The rates will be increased by an amount that will result in an additional 1.5% to the final premium for individuals who enroll or renew beginning July 1, 2013; the new rates will be calculated as the previously approved rates divided by 0.985.

Effective on 07/01/2013
Status = Assigned