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Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company

Friday, October 25, 2013

We are submitting the revised rates to be used beginning in 2014 for the forms captioned above. Policy forms CPL-GR-A80A, CPL-GR-A80B, CPL-GR-A80F, CPL-GR-A80FH, CPL-GR-A80G, CPL-GR-A80K, CPL-GR-A80L, CPL-GR-A80M and CPL-GR-A80N were approved in your state on September 3, 2009. 

The forms are guaranteed renewable, Standardized Medicare Supplement plans which are medically underwritten outside of the open enrollment period, as provided for in the NAIC compliance manual. The various degrees of benefits provided by each plan are shown in the enclosed materials. 

We are filing the 2014 rate schedules for these forms. Adjusted rates provide, as appropriate, for poorer than anticipated experience, claim cost trend increases, and benefit cost inflation. The specific amounts and details of our requested changes are fully explained in the enclosed actuarial memorandum.

Status:  Assigned

Percent Change: 8.140%

Effective Date:  01/01/2014