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BCS Insurance Company

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We are submitting the rating material for the forms listed above for your review and approval. The form filing was submitted under SERFF Tr Num: BCSF-129507287. It is currently pending with the Department. This rate filing is separate from the forms filing per the following instruction in SERFF: “Please file actuarial memorandum as a rate not as a form filing.” 
These forms are for use with employer/employee groups and multiple employer trusts. 
These forms provide fixed indemnity accident and sickness insurance to eligible persons. Benefits are payable on a per day basis, subject to the limits and maximums stated in the schedule of benefits included as part of the certificate. Dependent coverage may be made available as well, if elected by the policyholder.

Status: Pending Industry Response
Percent Change: 0.000%