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Assurity Life Insurance Company

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The rates for the above forms are new and when approved will replace the following forms that are available with ICC10 W L1001 (which is being replaced by ICC13 W L1305): 

Form Number Title Approval Date Filing No. 
R WA201 Short-Term Disability Income Rider 04/11/2006 
R W1006 (DC) Critical Illness Benefit Rider 12/02/2010 SEFL-126813688 

Form R W1319 (DC) (Accident-Only Disability Income Rider) is a rider that provides for monthly payments if the insured of the base policy is disabled due to an accident. It is only available with policy form ICC13 W L1305 approved 11/27/2013 by the Interstate Compact under SEFL-129196759.

Status = Pending Industry Response
Percent Change: 0.000%