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Aetna Life Insurance Company

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NAIC Product Code - H12 - Health Excess/Stop Loss 
Stop Loss Insurance Rate Filing (Large Group) 
A small group rate submission response (AENX-G129224501) indicated that for the Excess/Stop Loss line of businees, the Department will only review rate filings for groups with greater than 50 eligible employees (i.e., Large Groups). We have previously submitted several large group form only filings but associated rates were never requested. 
In light of the response to the Small Group rate filing, we assume this is a new requirement and therefore are now providing a complete Large Group Excess/Stop Loss rate manual for 2014. This Stop Loss rate manual will be used in conjunction with previously approved Aetna Life Insurance Company Stop Loss Insurance Policy Forms - GR-88435, GR-96272, GR-96272 R-2, GR-96476, GR-96476-R-2 and GR-96476-R-3. 
There are currently 10 large group Stop Loss customers and the overall percentage change for the proposed rating factors updated in 2014 is -11.4% with an overall percent rate impact of 5.1% (includes impact of leveraged trend). The premium information is noted on the Rate/Rule tab. 

Status: Assigned
Percent Change: 5.100%
Effective Date: 01/01/2014