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Insurance Related Bulletins

Insurance-Related Bulletins

The following Bulletins are available in PDF format.

Title Bulletin Number
Prohiition of Rebates, Discounts and Inducements in Title Insurance Bulletin 12-IB-01-02/29
Reporting Requirements for Banks and other Financial Managers under the Adult Protective Services Act Bulletin 11-BB-29-11/16
Procedures for Filing Applications for Written Consent Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1033 Bulletin 11-IB-01-06/20
Implementation of the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009 Bulletin 10-IB-04 12/17 
Compliance Procedures for Federal Health Care Reform Requirements Effective September 23, 2010 Bulletin 10-IB-02-08/10
Surplus Lines Producer Premium Tax Reporting Requirements Bulletin 10-IB-01-03/16
Changes to CPA Audit Rule, Financial Reporting Requirements and Other Responsibilities Bulletin 10-IB-02-03/16
Prohibition of Consideration of Domestic Violence in Life and Health Insurance Bulletin 09-IB-05-10/08
Application of the Arbitration Act of 2007 Bulletin 09-IB-04-08/27
Calculating Assessable Premium Balances for Purposes of the Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund Assessment Bulletin 09 -IB-03-07/14
Continuation of Health Coverage (DC - COBRA) (Rev 05/05/10) Bulletin 09-IB-02-05/11
Implementation of the Domestic Partnership Judicial Determination of Parentage Amendment Act of 2009, and the Jury and Marriage Amendment Act of 2009 (Updated October 2, 2009) Bulletin 09-IB-01-07/02
Qualifications of Independent Certified Publlic Accountant: CPA Audit Rule Bulletin 08-IB-06-11/14
Child Support Insurance Match Program Bulletin 08-IB-05-9/4
HMO Premium Tax Bulletin 08-IB-04-8/18
SERFF Mandated, effective October 1, 2007 Bulletin 07-IB-002/911
The Expansion of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Insurance Coverage Act of 2006 (DC Law 16-242) Bulletin 07-IB-001-4/3
Summary and Disclosure Notice for Supplemental Health Policies Bulletin 06-IB-004-8/29
Accelerated Benefits (also known as Living Benefits) Bulletin 06-IP-03-7/21
Filing Procedures for Compliance with the Provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act of 2005 Bulletin 06-IP-02-7/20
Limited Maternity Health Benefit Bulletin Bulletin 06-IB-001-4/14
Prohibition of Service Fees Bulletin 05-IB-006 12/15
Taxicab Insurance Coverage Requirements Bulletin 05-IB-005 12/15
Producer Activity and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans Bulletin 05-PPI-003 10/20
Uniform Child Health Screening Requirements Bulletin 05-IB-003-9/14
Clarification of Unfair Trade Practices Regulations for Homeowners Insurance Bulletin 05-IB-002-3/15
Prohibition On The Use Of Annual Percentage Rates ("APRS") In Connection With A Policy Premium Bulletin 05-IB-001-02/24
District of Columbia Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act of 1992 
(Rev 01/15/10)
Bulletin 004-IB-03-6/1 
Standard Nonforfeiture Law For Individual Deferred Annuities Bulletin 04-CO-002 5/28
Rate Increase Review Methods - Long-Term Care Bulletin 03-PPI-005-11/24
HMO Amendment Act of 2002 Bulletin 03-PPI-004-9/22
Claims Payment Report (Rev. 1/06/11) Bulletin 03-PPI-001-8/29
Health Laws Notice Guide Bulletin 03-PPI-001-8/29
Notice of Cancellation/Non-Renewal - Homeowners and Personal Automobile Insurance Bulletin 03-IP-003-4/22
Public Insurance Adjuster Licensing Bulletin 03-LG-004-4/7
Request for Extension of Time to File Insurance Financial Statements Bulletin 03-FE-01-1/06
Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures for Compliance with the Provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 Bulletin 02-IP-014-12/18/02
Illegal "ERISA" and "Union Plan" Scams Bulletin 02-FB-0/2-07/11
USA Patriot Act of 2001 (For Insurancers and Licensees) Bulletin 02-LG-4/10
Continuation of Health Coverage Act of 2001-Notification of Benefits Bulletin 02-LG-009-4/1
Limited Mold Exclusions (Property) Bulletin 01-LG-006-12/31
Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures for Exclusions Related to Acts of Terrorism Bulletin 01-LG-005-12/26
Continuation of Health Coverage Act of 2001 Bulletin 01-LG-004-12/18
Alternative Evidence of Death in Lieu of a Death Certificate Bulletin 01-LG-003-10/2
Affidavit in Lieu of a Death Certificate  Form
Commercial Deregulation (Rev 8/20/01) Bulletin 001-IB-6/22
Limited Benefit Alert  (06.30.10  Update) Bulletin 01-IB-007-02/08
Insurer's Service of Process Act of 1994  
Policyholder Disclosures: Notice of Terrorism Insurance Form