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White Mountains Reinsurance Company of America - Rate Filing

Monday, November 15, 2010

The above referenced rates for the company’s Stop Loss program, for employers who self-fund an employee medical benefit plan, are being submitted on behalf of White Mountains Reinsurance Company of America for your review and approval. These rates are new and will not replace any rates currently on file with your department. The forms are being filed concurrently under SERFF Tracking No. SKML-127624766.

This Stop Loss program is intended to protect the Contractholder from catastrophic losses when the plan's claim exceed a defined threshold. Benefits are provided for specific stop loss, aggregate stop loss, or both. This program does not provide benefits to individual employee members or their dependents. Premiums are paid by, and benefits are payable to, the Contractholder and not the individual employee member or dependent. Excess stop loss coverage is not "health insurance coverage" as defined under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and is therefore not subject to the requirements of HIPPA. This product will be marketed by licensed agents and brokers. 

Form WMRE SL1 (07/11) - Aggregate and Specific Medical Excess Risk Insurance: This coverage provides stop loss insurance for an employer's self-funded medical plan for its employees.

Effective on Approval
Status = Pending