Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

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Mortgage Lender/Broker Annual Report Form - CY2010

Instructions: Pursuant to the Mortgage Lender and Broker Act of 1996, each mortgage lender and broker licensed during 2010 must file an Annual Report with the Commissioner of the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking no later than March 31, 2011. A separate Annual Report must be prepared for each individual license covering mortgage transactions during the 2010 calendar year. Include in this report only loans or other extensions of credit that are secured, in whole or in part, by any interest in residential real property in the District of Columbia. The Act defines a mortgage loan as any loan primarily for personal, family, or household use that is secured by a mortgage, deed of trust, or other equivalent consensual security interest on a dwelling as defined in the Truth in Lending Act, or residential real estate upon which is constructed, or intended to be constructed, a dwelling. Information regarding other types of loans, such as commercial loans or loans made on non-District of Columbia property should not be included.