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The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company - Rate Filing

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This filing is a response to the objections with the previous filing (JEPT-127822990) submitted on 11/14/2011. The description below is from the previous filing.

Enclosed for filing with your Department are the captioned rates. We are requesting these rates be approved for use with our previously approved Group Policy Series GL1101 and Certificate Series GL1102. These forms are marketed to employer groups via licensed agents and brokers.

The scope and purpose of this filing is to request rate approval of The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company's revised rating basis for Group Term Life Insurance for True Group Basic Life, Optional Life, and Voluntary Life. The revised rating basis for True Group Basic Life consists of revised Base Rates, Area factors, SIC factors, Volume Discount factors, Schedule factors, and Participation factors. The revised Area factors and SIC factors are the same for True Group, Optional, and Voluntary Life. The rating basis changes are attached. This filing applies to True Group Basic Life, Optional Life, and Voluntary Life Insurance Coverage marketed to employer/employee groups through licensed agents and brokers.

Effective on Approval
Status = Pending
-1.240% Change