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Mortgage Lenders, Brokers and Loan Originators

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (“NMLS”) is the result of a collaborative effort among state regulators to bring greater efficiency and accountability to the supervision of the mortgage industry.  The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS ) in cooperation with the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR ) established the NMLS to streamline licensing and other processes for state agencies and the industry through the use of modern technology and centralizing redundant state agency operations.

NMLS is a secured, Web-based system that will allow state licensees to apply for, amend, update or renew licenses for the District of Columbia as well as other participating states through the use of one online record in the NMLS, regardless of the number of licenses held or the number of states in which the entities operate.  Each licensed company will have access to its record in the system, allowing it to conveniently view license information, apply for new licenses, amend existing licenses and renew or surrender licenses throughout the year.

Licensees will have access to the system 362 days a year, seven days a week with operational assistance available through a national call center. Applicants will need a high-speed Internet connection to access the system.

MU Forms

One of the first steps in the development of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) was creating four uniform licensing application forms (“MU Forms”). In January 2007, state regulators finalized these four uniform forms, providing the framework for the NMLS.

Each District of Columbia licensed company, branch, or loan originator/officer and each control person will need to completely fill out the relevant MU Form one time through the NMLS website. The NMLS will retain this complete MU Form in a record and allow each licensee to use this single record to apply for, maintain, or surrender a license in one or more jurisdictions. The Four MU Forms are:

  • MU1 – Uniform Mortgage Lender/Mortgage Broker Form
  • MU2 – Uniform Mortgage Biographical Statement & Consent Form
  • MU3 – Uniform Mortgage Branch Office Form
  • MU4 – Uniform Individual Mortgage License/Registration & Consent Form

Forms are available for viewing by following this link.

DC Jurisdiction Specific Requirements