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Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Registration

The Banking Bureau of the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking charters and regulates banks, savings banks, trust companies, and other financial institutions seeking to establish an office in the District where deposits or savings are received. The Bureau also regulates mortgage lenders and brokers, check cashers, money transmitters, consumer sales finance companies, moneylenders, and operators of non-bank ATMs in the District. For more information, please email the Banking Bureau or call the Banking Bureau’s licensing staff at (202) 727-8000 between 8:15 am and 4:45 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

The links below assist the registration process for non-bank ATMs. Licensing information for mortgage lenders and brokers; check cashers; money transmitters; consumer sales finance companies; and money lenders also is available online.

Initial Registrants

Renewal Registrants

Additional ATM Registration

Additional Information