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Call for Art: Fermentation

Since the beginning of civilization fermentation has mystified humans. Ancient legends say we were taught by sacred beings to make fermented beverages containing a magical substance, a spirit that awakens dormant capacities within us.
A cursory look at the process of fermentation reveals connections with our personal experiences of transformation. Fermenting implies agitation, excitement or tumult. It is the process by which old ideas, habits and patterns are overturned and new insight is introduced to strengthen us and ensure our flourishing. As artists our creative experience often ferments from initial intent into surprising transformations. It is our growth process.
Convergence is calling artists to submit works that express, share or observe fermentation in a creative, personal, spiritual or global sense. You are invited to share what is fermenting inside you!
*All media considered including 2D, 3D, multi-media, installations and performance. Open to all artists.
*Entry Deadline: 10 am, August 24, 2013
*Email jpg images of artwork and entry form to office@convergenceccf.net by 10am on August 24, 2013
*Payment should be dropped off/mailed to Convergence Office, ATTN: Christina Perry, 1801 N. Quaker Ln, Alexandria, VA 22302. $15 per entry (up to 4 pieces
per entry).
*For multi-media, installations, or performance pieces please write and send in a proposal.
Contact Name: Christina Perry
Contact Email: office@convergenceccf.net