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Summer 2014


Camp opportunities abound in DC and this site has links to numerous publicly and privately operated camps.

See the list of summer camps.


Summer Programs

The DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation has funded more than 30 organizations to operate programs for children and youth ages 5 to 24 this summer. The list of programs and contact information is below.


Learn and Share

There is lots to learn about programs and supports for children and youth in DC. There's also a lot organizations can share. You can learn and share by taking some simple steps. They are outlined in the learn and share go-to resource guide.


One City Youth Citywide Goals

One of the most important elements of One City Youth is the citywide and coordinated approach to serving and working with young people. This citywide and coordinated approach is operationalized by the One City Youth goals. The goals are:

  • Workforce Development: Young people will gain meaningful work and career exposure, experience, and skills.
  • Educational Achievement: Children and youth will increase their academic knowledge and skills and increase their chance of academic advancement.
  • Healthy Lifestyles: Children and youth will increasingly adopt healthy lifestyles.
  • Safety and Structure:Children and youth will have a safe out-of-school time experience.
  • Strengthening Families: Children, youth and families will have opportunities to strengthen their family.



Want to know how to get in touch with One City Summer Initiative 2014 partners or organizers?  That information is listed here.


Secure Sign-in for Partners

Partners should use this link to access the secure portal to share planning details and other important information related to OCSI 2014.